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Valentine's Day Cards Ideas to Make Yourself -Little Family Adventure

When it comes to Valentine’s Day are you a “Crafty, Do It Yourself” person or a “Just Buy It” kind of person?

Last year we said we were going to make our own Valentine cards for the kids’ parties. My daughter ended up taking a pencil and adding a flag that read “You Have the Write Stuff”. She did it all by herself and was very proud of them. The boys, however, were in more of the “Just Buy It” camp. They ended up with Lego and Star Wars cards from Target. Every body was happy. Thank goodness.

This year, every body wants to create their own cards.

SO, We’ve I’ve set out online to find a few ideas. (If you’ve ever wondered why there aren’t more crafts on my blog, I’m NOT crafty. I can follow detailed instructions, but I can’t come up with some crafty project all on my own. Nope, NEVER going to happen.) Thank goodness for other crafty people in this world to show  how it’s done. I came across a few really great ideas that, even I, could reproduce. Here is what I found that my kids absolutely went nuts for.  Can you tell what they’re into this year? If you like what you see, just click the link and you’ll be whisked away to that crafty person’s site. Most have detailed instructions and a few have printables. A BIG thanks to all you crafty people who help this mom get crafty.

So which are you?

A “Crafty Do It Yourself” person? An If You Give Me Directions, I’ll Try” person? Or a “Nope. Not crafty, forget about it and I’ll just buy it” kind of person? Let me know in the comments. Burlap Wrapped Seed Packet Valentine's

Burlap Wrapped Seed Packet Valentines from ABC and Garden Peas

Grow a friendship like you grow a flower garden. When you don’t want to give candy, flower or vegetable seeds are a fun project. It’s the gift that keeps giving.

Minecraft Valentine's Day Card

Minecraft Valentine’s Day Cards from STL Motherhood

Is your son or daughter nuts over Minecraft? My youngest certainly is. He saw this and that was it. STL Motherhood has the printable for these on her site. SO you can just print, sign, and go. Easy Peasy!

illuminatingvalentineIl-Loom-inating Valentine from Thirty Handmade Days

Did your child get a rubber band loom for Christmas? My daughter did and she’s been busy making bracelets for everyone she knows. This is like the friendship bracelet we had when we were growing up.

Valentine Bookmarks

Valentine Bookmarks from Inchmark

This is another great non-candy craft/card for Valentine’s Day. A bookmark is something that will be around for quite a while. This one is double-sided so it’s extra sturdy. Besides, the gift of reading is priceless.

Lego Valentine Treats

Lego My Friend Valentine from Mommy Palazzo

Do you have any LEGO fans in your house? These are actually candy and chocolate made with silicone LEGO molds. You can get the molds here (affiliate link).  GO the healthy route and make these into all natural fruit snacks or chocolate without all the processed additives.

  Dropping Down Valentine

 Dropping Down to Be Your Valentine from Julieverse

Perfect for little boys! These parachuting army men make a fun gift. They will provide hours of fun. Plus it’s an inexpensive gift when you can pick up a large bag at a party or  dollar store.

I SPY Valentine

I SPY Valentine from A Mom with a Lesson Plan

These cards are also an I SPY game. You can customize it with pictures of your child’s school, your neighborhood, your city, or more.

 Color-ful Valentine

Color-ful Valentine from 4 Men 1 Lady

A great tutorial on making shaped crayons. If you are like us, we have plenty of broken crayon pieces that never get used. This is a great craft project for younger kids to help with and give as gifts.

May the Force Be With My ValentineMay the Force be With You from Brassy Apple

For the Star Wars fan, here’s a glow stick valentine. Brassy Apple provides you with the light saber printable. So all you have to do is print, punch, and thread.

Tic Tac Toe Valentine

Tic Tac XOXO Valentine from MollyMoo

Create a heart-shaped stamp with a wine cork. Create this fun tic- tac-toe themed card.

The Fox Says Valentine

The Fox Says Valentine from Go Grow Go

What Does the Fox Say? Happy Valentine’s Day of course! Kids love the fun song and skit, so they’ll love this fox themed card.

So what are you doing for Valentine’s Day this year?


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      Hi Remy. It’s great to have you join us here. :) The Lego one was great. I could use those molds for so many things

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